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I Photonic networking

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    If photons can be measured on quantum state levels then teleported and entangled, as done in photonic networking with NV centers, can entire electric fields also be measured, teleported, reconstructed and entangled as the ensembles of photons they are ?

    If so, can the electric fields of NEURONS be measured, teleported and entangled to the teleported and reconstructed electric field ?

    I can provide links which support this idea, but I'd like to hear from others.
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    In this link NV centers are used to trap entangled photon pairs in repeater nodes among a network

    And in a link I will soon add, NV centers are used to determine quantum states of electric fields of neurons..

    So the billion dollar question is, can electric fields be entangled ?
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    My expertise is limited, but my incomplete and quite possibly inaccurate understanding would suggest thatvthe question is moot in that there is but a single, universe-spanning EM field for which its 'strength' at a given point is defined according to the ensemble effects of charged objects throughout the universe.
    Given that most typically EM fields are stronger surrounding a charged object(arguably the charge is a particular strength of this field) it can be prosaica!ly considered as a localised field 'belonging to' the charged object extending until the effective strength of the influence of the charge becomes neglible in context

    Should a number of charged objects be entangled and reliably teleported to be positioned relative to tbeir clunterpart origin, then the strength of field between them might offer similar vectors, however tbere may be influence due to proximity of other charges and undoubtedly some uncertainty in the positions or velocities which could impact the densigy of charge at given points.
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    Electric fields are not "ensembles of photons". Photons and electric fields, from the standpoint of quantum field theory, are both particular kinds of states of the underlying quantum field (the electromagnetic field, in this case).

    In principle any quantum state can be entangled. In practice some states are much easier to do it with than others. If you have other links, please post them.
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