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Photonics source?

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    Hi, I am an undergraduate student in computer science and is currently studying physics, specifically photonics. I was just wondering if somebody here could advice me some good links about this subject since the course litterature is not instructional at all and very difficult to understand. Yeah, I know how to use google but just in case somebody could help me in order for me to not being in need to search the stuff :). Thanks in advance!
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    sry cant say anything but "wikipedia"
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    Claude Bile

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    The best online resources are hosted by companies that make/sell photonics related products.

    Some companies I can recall off the top of my head; Thor Labs (general), Renishaw (Raman spectroscopy/microscopy), Oz-optics (fibre-optics), Olympus (Microscopy), Schott (glass), Kigre (more glass), Spectra Physics (Lasers), Melles Griot (general optics).

    Good Luck.

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