Photons and Dispersion - how?

  1. if i don't want to understand the white light as a pack of waves that when encounter prism the waves start to unpack, but as a photons, but than i can't see how it's working, i mean. what is happening to the photons when they enter a prism?
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  3. Your Punctuation isn't the greatest, but then again, we've all had bad days.

    As I'm not a great teacher I will save myself the embarrassment of trying to answer your question, but since I had a question similar to yours sometime ago, I kept this page link that helped me understand Dispersion.
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    The photons are immediately destroyed (absorbed by the glass molecules, giving all of their energy to the glass). Then the molecules in the glass work together to create new photons. This process has a particular timing that results in the refraction.
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