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Medical Photons? Floaters?

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    Since I was a kid i was interested in bright lights they never hurt my eyes to look straight at them such as the sun or any other light. Since about 8 y.o. to current i had better then 20/20 vision. My latest was 16/20. i am 23 now but ever since i was young i seen these weird spheres in light waves. The best way i can describe seeing them and what they look like is this: When I zone In to a bright light at night around the light i see waves emitting off the brightest part of the light, like on a hot summer day when you see the heat waves off the street, in those waves i see hundreds for orbs that look like the picture at the bottom that i made in paint (i suck at making pics sorry lol but this pic is pretty close to what i see), thus all the black and white circles in this pic should be perfect circles the thicknesses are about right tho and when i see them there all different sizes. Are these floaters? i don't see flashes or line or spiders webs like eye problem floaters suggest just hundreds of orb like or cell like nucleus circles. Also If I focus hard enough i can get the waves and spheres to hold in place for about 3-5secs thus i was able to memorize and draw them and then make them in pant. Is this serious? should i see a special eye doctor? i only see it in light waves tho no where else . When i showed this pic to a friend he said it look like a photon. Then he explained That it most likely isn't photons because they move at the speed of light I don't know what a photon looks like but i thought a science forum is my most likely bet to figure this out seeing that the best and smartest minds might be here. please Help! Am i crazy or can others see this?

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    Re: photons???Floaters???PLZHelp!

    You should see an eye doctor. It is possible you are seeing the effects of damage.
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    Re: photons???Floaters???PLZHelp!

    The answer is, of course, we have no way of knowing anything about your eyes, so please see an eye doctor.

    I think everyone sees what you see at some time. I see the little round "cells' that you describe, they remind me of looking at cells under a microscope. I also have 'floaters" which is actual eye tissue that has broken off and is casting shadows on the retina. Sometimes this can be caused by a very serious condition - a retinal tear or detachment.

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    Thank you i though i was seeing something special like aruas or energy made by the light like a super human haha jk but i will see a doctor about it when i get some cash. *thumbs up to this forum*
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