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Photons repelled out of hole,not pulled in.

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    If photons are anti energy and accelerate to light speed by its interaction with spacetime energy.spacetime energy is positive and so is gravity,since gravity attracts spacetime energy and curves it.so if the photons is anti energy,as it comes close to a blackhole.it is repelled away,never being allow to get close.so you don't see the blackhole because light can't get near it to reflect off it.and if this is true,then the reason photons are bent as they pass by a star,is not gravity,but the attraction of anti gravity,because the star is puting out light which is anti energy,so the star has a massive and energy field around it by the light.
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    On my glance, BH such strong pulls of the ambience that neither fluctuations is possible in. BH smooths all curvatures of spasetime in zone of its action. This means that existence of object having mass is not possible , nor any radiations in this zone . For this reason it is unfaithfully to speak that "photons repelled out of hole" in the same way as that BH does not allow him to abandon its zone.
    Their just does not exist in this zone . Nothing exist except pure gravity (or something else?).
    Black Hole this is a flatiron by which God smooths all jaggies in universe for correcting of its creation.
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