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  1. I saw photos on T.V I hope pictures like this will spread around so that people will start thinking with their conscious instead of their greed. I also heard that the Americans administration is afraid of such pictures being spread around and anti-war resentiment might rise again. I'm fully aware that many innocent Iraqi civilians are being injured and killed by US bombs, and that's horrific. Honestly, thoughts like this plague me every day... I do not consider myself truly pro- or anti-war, but that does not make me indifferent.
    I would advise anyone in here especially young and sensitive members if you go to these sites, are aware you are going to see dead people.
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  3. Sickening. What we're going into in Iraq makes 9/11 look average.
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    And people living in middle class suburbs wonder where terrorists comes from.
  5. Remember the news video during the invasion? Baghdad in flames, explosions everywhere, as bombs and missiles came in all over the place? "Liberation".
  6. as I said on the other board you posted this on:

    Start the draft. I want to go a do a one year tour in Iraq. Anything I can do to kill just one of the guys holding an RPG.
  7. And that, ladies and gents, says all we need to know about phatmonky.
  8. Perhaps it's all you need to know about me to judge me, and that says an equal amount about you ,now doesn't it :)

    I have no problem admitting that I would be proud to serve my country in Iraq. I have no problem admitting that the sight of the japanese hostages (and now others) and burned mutilated civilian contractors angers me in a fashion I can't possibly type out. Perhaps, nothing will ever move you to the point that you would take another person's life. But I am not you.
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    And so the cycle continues until the end of time.. retaliating crime with crime.. yeah, that is going to bring peace to this world..
  10. You got better ideas or suggestions? It's not like people haven't tried. :rolleyes:
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    You can act out of emotion or act by intellect..

    To say you are going to go into a country and kill every single person who holds a gun is not going to resolve the underlying issue of why those people were holding guns. It is also going to raise a new generation who will hold guns because their peers were killed for holding a gun. How are you going to resolve that? Kill them because they hold guns? The original issue moves to the background and resolution is far out of sight.

    I say find that original issue and resolve that (I know, easy to say, but it stands in contrast with "Anything I can do to kill just one of the guys holding an RPG").

    "I have no problem admitting that I would be proud to serve my country in Iraq."
    What would you be proud of? Serving your country in Iraq, what does that mean? You should rather say you'd be proud to serve the rebuild of Iraq.
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    The underlying issue of why these people are holding guns is that their leader wants dictatorial power. Admittedly, the deaths of innocent Iraqis and the presence of foreign troops both make it much, much easier for him to convince them to take up arms. Those leaders whose support is narrow but deep have reason to fear democracy.

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    So if the people holding the guns are killed, will the political fear the country lives in go away? Ofcourse not, the only way these people will put down their guns is by taking away the anarchy.
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    Think for a second about a good guy in Irak (there should be some, don't you think?). Now imagine you being that good guy, proud of your family and your country, even with its imperfections.

    Then along comes a bombing and kills half your family. You would surely say "Anything (including using an RPG) I can do to kill just one of the guys coming in their F16 and Humvees."

    That solves nothing, and just makes you a suitable piece for the conflict to continue.

    Over there, both americans and (about ten times as many) irakis die or, maybe worse, are wounded and condemned to a miserable life; in the meantime, Halliburton executives get richer, and Bush has to face the unconfortable position of having to admit that the issue was "underestimated".

    It makes me feel overwhelmingly sad. Really.
  15. Sorry, I just find this funny. There is no intellectual stimulation to be found here. It's pure comedy. "I'd shoot 'em if I could!" Funny. Some of you hairless apes belong in the circus.
  16. I'd lay my life down serving the noble cause of rebuilding Iraq. I'd equally lay down someone elses life as they derail that process through such disgusting acts as torture and hostage taking. I have no qualms about having any of the hostage takers put in front of a fire squad. I am somehow an ape, according to Adam (who professes that it is I who can't keep on intelligent conversation), but I would gladly do anything, including risking my life, to protect those Iraqis that wish to rebuild their country.

    I would be proud of leaving Iraq better than we found, by which ever means that is.
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    Do we need to have the body count conversation again guys? Arguing based on pictures or anecdotes is irrational. For every one of those guys who lost a family last year due to the war, there were ten who lost a family the year before the war as a result of living under a murderous dictator.

    We have given the Iraqi people freedom and most are grateful. The ones who are holding the RPG's are the ones who never wanted freedom in the first place: they wanted to be a part of the murderous dictatorship that preceded it (or maybe religious fanaticism based terrorism). Yeah, I'd go over there to kill one of them too.
  18. Do you know what that original issue is? Not to mention, could you find a way to resolve it?

    What if the Indians rise up one day and beging to bomb Americans on American soil because they think that soil belongs to them? How would you resolve that issue, give them back their lands?

    What's funny here is that people don't know who we are dealing with in Iraq and other terrorist hot spots. I don't believe it is possible to reason with these people, because if it were possible they would have tried to reason with us rather than send bombs and missiles.
  19. russ_watters

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    Speaking of personal attacks...
  20. Idealogical differences are a *****. It is all just a matter of persective to some extent, but every one of those masked men with an RPG continues to endanger women and children by not fighting by the rules of war, and instead by cowardly hiding in crowds, and running. These people cannot be reasoned with, for they answer to no one. Each RPG represents a soon to be attempt on soldier, of civilian, life. If it comes down to it, I will gladly and happily remove the threat to those that are committed to rebuilding Iraq (something you simply cannot argue that the guy with the RPG is committed to)
    Now, step to the hostage takers (the ones that anger me more than anything) - do you truly believe this is the common Iraqi, and thus this person can be reasoned via love, comfort, etc etc.? Of course not. And without the ability to reason with, they are a threat that has to be removed. Arrest them, kill them, it doesn't matter.
  21. adam ad hominem

    Just so I can find this in the future. :rolleyes:
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