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Photos of Famous Scientists

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    Just thought this could be a cool little thread.
    When reading over Physics or Maths theories, often getting bogged down in the literature, I love putting a face to the ideas and theories which were often hard to swallow for many of the scientific community at the time. Seeing a picture of the person always gives the 'awe' from theories a little human touch and personally inspires my thirst for knowledge.

    If you have any photos or even quotes you like please post them here with links if possible.

    I'll start it off with...

    1927 Solvay Conference attendees
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    Holy crap, that guy in the way way way left and back looks like HITLER!

    PS alot of theories are named after people that did NOT invent them!
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    That would be Debye.

    There was a recent article about Debye (a year or two ago) in Physics Today, that claimed that he was a passive instrument of Nazi regulations that banned Jews from University positions, and that Einstein lobbied against him, when he came to the US in the '40s.
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    And the Debye Institute at the University of Utrecht recently voted to change its name to something less controversial.

    If I was Peter Debye I would have strongly reconsidered my moustache.
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    Did you notice that most of them have little or no hair at all
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    Their shoes all look identical as well
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    Heisenberg looks like he's up to something! (Last row, towards the right.)
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    do you think that they are arranged from the first to the last row, as order of their recognition and contribution??
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    When I see Pauli at that age, I think "Addams Family"
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    Feynman's blackboard on the day he died; 15 Feb 1988

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    "What I cannot create, I do not understand"
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    he and Freud :confused:(middle back row dark beard) are the only ones who look happy too
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    Curie needs to lay off the radium... She look more manly than half the other people there.
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    Bohr & Pauli pondering over a spinning top 35kB

    if that top wasn't there, I would think they're doing something else besides 'pondering'

    Bohr & Pauli pondering over a spinning top 35kB
    (the link is down in the section called 'Clusters of Physicists'
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    Since this thread is here, does anyone know of a picture showing Rutherford and Einstein together? No, not the Solvay one - actually together.
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