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Photovoltaic connected to grid

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    I'm working on this subject. I'm trying to make a matlab emulation on this subject. In tha attached pdf I have the equations and the matlab code. You think that the graphs below are correct. You think that the current graph shouldn't be "negative".
    I will be glad to see your comments.

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    Sorry, your attachment makes no sense to me in the context of cogeneration and connecting a DC photovoltaic array to the AC Mains power grid. What is the AC source at the left of your diagrams, and why are you rectifying AC power? That would seem to be backwards from what the title of this thread implies you are wanting to do.

    Also, the text in the PDF will have to be translated into English, if you want much feedback on the writeup.
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    Thanks for your reply...I will try to be more clear in a new pdf soon. I guess that you were confused because I actually use countercurrent...I will post a new version soon
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    Well, I upload a new version of my code. What I'm trying to make is an dc to ac inverter. I use method Runge Kutta extract current It and If. It is possitive, but If is negative(it should be possitive too). Also, for my possitive value of current It (about 48) I should take a possitive and rate value for the DC PV source Vpv. Anybody can help?

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    m files

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    m files too

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    Sorry, your circuit resembles a DC power supply.
    And a rather odd DC power supply at best.
    Are 1,2,3,4 supposed to be switchs in which case maybe, but in that case what is the purpose of Lf and Lw
    If those are switches then what is your control concept.
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