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PHP PHP: Deleted but still remains

  1. Mar 10, 2015 #1
    Code (C):

    using namespace std;
    class A
       int i;
       void Set(int& i){this->i=i;}
       void Print(){cout<<i<<endl;}

    int main()
       int *i=new int;
       A ra;
       delete i;
    I think after delete i, the value in Set will also be deleted. Isn't Set(int &) means to pass in it by reference ?
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    Soo sorry I post in the wrong forum. It should be the Programming forums up there. :nb)
    Thank you any way:bow:
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    It's hard to tell what you're trying to do. It seems to me to be very bad programming practice to use i for two completely different purposes. In class A, i is a private member of type int, but in main, i is a pointer to an int. Programmers almost always use i as a loop control variable.

    What is the purpose of this line in main?
    i = 10;
    After all, i is a pointer in main.
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    Its good to know how garbage collection works with deleting some things. If I make three variables a,b,c and set a=myobject(), b=a and c=a, then all three variables will be pointers to the same instance of myobject in memory. Garbage collection removes objects in memory nothing is pointing to. That means deleting variable a deletes the object if its the only thing pointing to it, but in the case above its not, b and c also point to it, so by deleting a you can still access the object through b and c.
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    Yes thanks Mark44, it's *i=10; :-p
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