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Php, Pdf, Utf-8

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    I need to generate PDF files in Persian. My codes are in PHP and the server is runnig ver 4.3. The PDFLIB appearently doesn't support UNICODE. When I write something in Persian it shows only some nonsence charachters on screen. I also downloaded UFPDF, after using that class the charachters were shown correctly but still I have 2 problems:
    1. In persian in contrast to english the charachters are sticked togheter but the PDF, shows them seprated.
    2. The order in the PDF is left to right while it must become right to left.

    Do you know any other classes which support UTF-8?
    Or any advice to solve the 2 problems?
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    Always check the documenation. Do a search on the page for UTF-8

    http://php.mirrors.ilisys.com.au/manual/en/function.pdf-findfont.php [Broken]
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    I did, but not as well as you :D
    You know, all the php guys in Iran (www.Iranphp.net[/URL]) are killing themselves to solve the problem then I didn't think taking a look at the documatation would be useful.
    Anyway, I'm going to check it now.
    Thank you.
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