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Phrases' explanations needed

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    Phrases' explanations needed (urgent)

    OK, I am a bit overburdened with work these days. And I have this assignment in which I need to explain these phrases (10 marks each) out of a total of 70.
    Unfortunately, I don't have much time these days, so I can't spend much time on it. So I thought maybe someone could help me, so that I could do the work more quickly instead of spending hours analayzing etc.
    This is an AP English assignment, but it's more like AP Feminism! The teacher's got a degree in feminism, and that's all what she talks about.
    I'll appreciate quick replies.

    Thank you very much!
    The phrases are below:
    1. "We cannot logically portray the same group of people as both perpetrators and victims of sexism."

    2. "But if i were a Black woman, people would think that i was withholding important information if i did not qualify 'woman' with 'Black'."

    3. "We live in a world in which gender differentiation is thoroughly intertwined with gender hierarchy and one can't learn one without learning the other..."

    4. "...racism can be a factor in relations between people even when they are of the same racism..."

    5. "That men aren't subject to sexism doesn't mean sexism has no effect on their relationships to each other, especially when the men are from different races in a racist society."

    6. "...unless i know something more about two women than the fact that they are woman, i can't say anything about what they might have in common."

    7. "A description of the common world we share 'as woman' may be simply a description of my world with you now as an honorary member."
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    Maybe post this in the Philosophy section.
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    I agree that this thread is certainly misplaced, and also doesn't belong in any of the technical forums. Maybe General Discussion, but even there it probably will just cause a non-helpful argument.

    Thread locked temporarily while the Mentors discuss this....
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    Okay, let's see if this thread can bear useful fruit here in Social Sciences. Thread unlocked.
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    How's AP English a Social Science?
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    How are your questions NOT social science?

    EDIT: Oh, btw. If you want some help here you need to start sharing some of your ideas about these questions. We can then critique. Do not expect anyone here to do your thinking for you.
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