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Phsyics Contradictions

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    Hi...I don't know a whole lot about phsyics but I'm getting there.

    I have heard a lot of times about different things that have contradicted a few laws of physics. I don't think I've ever seen a specific example, just claims. The last one I heard was on a subatomic level. My question:

    Do you know of any such things? (exclude the beginning-of-the earth stuff)
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    That's an awfully broad question, but I think perhaps the event you heard about "on the subatomic level" might be a reference to the famous conflict between the two leading physical models for the universe; General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

    Does that sound familliar?
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    well you see the thing is there are a lot of mathematical formulations from newtonian physics through most of the 19th century that are only approximations based upon the degree of measurement accurayc that was attainable with the technology at the time. A perfect example is enwtons law of gravity. it is a good approxiamtion for purposes of calculation, but its not actually correct. GR is a much better approximation, but is much more difficult to calculate with, so most people use the more flawed but easier law formulated by Newton.

    There is also what LURCH mentioned about the conflicts between GR and Quantum Mechanics, because the two theories describe entirely different scales, and conflict with each other when one is applied to the others realm.

    the only real "laws" of physics that have never been contradicted at all are the laws of conservation once conservation of energy and mass are combined (since one can be changed into the other through fusion/ fission).
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