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Phyics ch.1

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    hi.i m kinda new at this but i really need help in physics.i m stuck so much.ok i have tried this question but i dont get it even though i have followed the steps that is shown in the book.
    A layer of olive oil (n=1.47) floats on water. What is the critical angle for a ray directed from the oil to the water? plz anser ths for me asap.
    another question: A diamond is dropped into water. The index of refraction for diamond is 2.42. If light strikes the diamond at an angle of incidence of 60.0 degrees wht will be the angle of refraction in diamond?
    ok so i will look forwrd to wht u have 2 say 4 this.bye
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    Welcome to PF. Please note that, since this is a homework question, you need to show your work before we can help you- we don't just do your work for you! In future please post in the homework forum.
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