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Physic Force Question Please Help

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    A 0.5 kg ball initially at rest is subject to three forces:
    1. F1 has a magnitude equal to 5.0 N and points 36.9 degrees above the horizontal direction (relative to the positive x direction),
    2. F2 has a magnitude equal to 2.0 N and points to the left (negative x direction),
    3. F3 has a magnitude equal to 4.0 N and points straight down (negative y direction).

    Given these forces, answer the following questions:
    a. Draw a free-body diagram showing the forces acting on the ball. Be sure to draw
    vectors with the correct lengths. Determine the x- and y-components of each force
    and label those values on your diagram.
    b. Calculate the x- and y-components of the net force acting on the ball.
    c. Calculate the x- and y-components of the ball’s acceleration.
    d. Calculate the total distance traveled by the ball after 3.0 s.
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    At what point do you get stuck?
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    Are you familiar with unit vectors?
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    I dont even know where to begin this is all new to me
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    i got the free body drawing but how do i do part b c d ?
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    For part b, you'll need to apply trig functions (sin and cos) to the forces you drew, using the angle of each of the 3 forces.

    Also, keep in mind that:
    Horizontal forces (acting to the left or right) act in the +x or -x direction -- there is no y-component.
    Vertical forces (up or down) act in the +y or -y direction -- there is no x-component.

    Surely there is an example worked out in your text book or class lecture notes?
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