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Physic thing

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    alright im completely clueless and i have a project due soon.. its some retarded lab thing.. ok we set this launcher thing .99 m then we shot a ball out of it.. the average distance was 1.478 for short

    2.281 for medium

    and 3.058 for long

    i need to find the time and initial velocity

    please help.. i feel really stupid.. but physics is like my worst subject

    so any kind of equation.. a push in the right direct.. something
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    You have not provided enough information for us to help you.

    What do you mean by ".99m"?

    How did you get the short, medium and long ranges? Did you change an angle? What did you change.

    PLease provide a better explaintion of the experiment. Assume that we have never seen the appartus or read the lab discription, 'cus we haven't.
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    nevermind sorry to bug you
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