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Physical Chem vs. CM physics Graduate school

  1. Oct 17, 2011 #1
    I'm currently applying for various graduate schools in both physical chemistry and condensed matter physics. My undergraduate degree is a double major in both fields.

    I'm curious about what the differences between the departments (and, to an extent, fields) might be. In terms of research, I'm interested in solid-state materials and various forms of spectroscopy, so both departments typically have professors doing relevant research.

    One thing that bothers me about applying to chemistry programs is the lack of math/electrodynamics. If I want to get my PhD doing spectroscopy, I imagine I'd have to be pretty good at e&m. If in chem graduate school, it seems like most people would only have seen freshmen level e&m. I just struggle to think anyone (including physical chem graduate students) can learn all the upper-level e&m on their own.

    Any advice/comments anyone has would be incredibly useful. Even bouncing ideas would be helpful.
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