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Studying Physical Chemistry ACS Exam

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    I am taking the second semester of physical chemsitry (quantum, spectroscopy, and some stat mech). I was wondering if there are any resources outside of the ACS study guide and open course ware. I'd really like some practice tests if possible so I can see what I need to study.

    Also, any lecture videos would be great too.
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    Old GRE’s maybe? Honestly the best thing you can do is probably go through a Pchem book and make sure you can do the problems from the relevant sections you’re studying.
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    I'd ask your prof. We mentor several students in ACS approved chemistry programs, and when there is an ACS exam involved, their profs usually provide ample study materials.
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    Not mine, he's a bare minimum, high steaks testing type of professor. He also helped write the test and the study guide for pchem but doesn't give us much to go on and I suspect that's an ethics decision.

    Also, does anyone know if equations will be given to us for things like black body radiation, photoelectric effect, etc.?
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    What did you professor say when you asked him that?
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