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Physical chemistry

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    What subjects would you be required for doing a physical chemistry degree in university?

    Im thinking of chemistry (obviously :yuck: ), and maths, and maybe physics. But anything else?
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    I'm not sure if you are talking about getting a Pchem degree as an undergraduate or a graduate student. There really is no "P chem" specific degree as an undergraduate, but if you want to set your self up to specialize in physical chem. as a grad student then you must take as many math courses as possible I would say. I think basic undergraduate mechanics and E&M should be all the physics background you would need. The rest of the physics needed will be taught to you in your P chem courses. The would be no need to take quantum mechanics as a phyiscs course and take the same thing again in a P chem course. The math, however is where most chem. students get stuck. Proper undergraduate preparation for P chem would be Calc 1-3 and an intro course to Diff. Eq. If you were going to specialize in P chem in grad. school I would say take as much math as possible. Calc 1-3, Real and Complex analysis, as much linear algebra as possible, Hilbert Spaces, some abstract algebra/group theory, partial differential eq. , the list can go on.
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    So calculus courses are the core mathematics i need to do?
    I wouldn't say im good at it compared to other people in this forum, but it is my fave part of mathematics.. :D
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    Yes Calc 1-3 are a must as well as an introductory course on differential equations.
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