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Physical Condition

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    I play alot of football/soccer but have been struggling since christmas with injuries. Its the end of season and i want to get myself in peek condition for playing football in september so i would like some advise on the best foods to eat and what is the best kind of exercise to do to get into the best condition possible for playing football.

    Hope this is the right forum for this.
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    kind of depends on the type of injury but i wouldn't worry too much about it since september is 4 months away... that should be plenty of time to heal

    in general, calcium (milk products) helps heal bones and protein (meat, nuts) help heal muscle
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    Eat a balanced diet, with fruits, fresh vegetables, dairy, meat, grains, etc. Don't try to limit food choices to "bulk up", etc - many of the benefits of the major foods can only be enjoyed if you have the trace elements supplied by that wide balanced diet. Don't think that you can eat pop tarts for breakfast, hot pockets for lunch and boxed macaroni and cheese for dinner and even approach a normal nutrient uptake. You'll get all the calories you need (and more), and you'll be deficient in essential nutrients and trace elements. Does your school have a trainer or a nutritionist? If not, can you get access to one? You need to learn that your food choices are important, and to learn how to implement those choices. This doesn't mean that you can't have a helping of McDonald's fries from time to time, but it does mean that you have to pay attention to your diet and keep your choices balanced.

    If you want to be competitive and injury-free, you not only have to make sure that you are eating right, you have to make sure that your physical conditioning is compatible with your muscle mass and skeleton. Don't try to "bulk up" on a frame that is not built for the extra muscle mass. Think of players like Lynn Swann, who stayed light, nimble, and VERY fast - your diet and training should fit your frame, and you might want to think about doing skills-training this summer that will fit your projected body-goals for the fall. Depending on your build, you may want to train for acceleration, top speed, endurance, brute strength, etc. Your coaches should help you with this now, before school lets out.
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    What kind of injuries? Joint? Muscle? Tear or bruise?

    The older one gets, the longer it will take injuries to heal.

    Medicinally, anti-inflammatory medication is good.

    As turbo-1 mentioned, a good diet goes a long way. Whole grains, cruciferous vegetables and greens are good, and fresh fruit. I use protein powder occasionally, particularly in conjuction with wait training.

    Excercise-wise, stretching off-season is important. Light wait training, with some heavier wait training before one resumes sport is good. Running, or even better, cycling, swimming and rowing helps one maintain conditioning. I'll be looking at kayaks soon.
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    this doesn't have much to do with your injury but it also helps to have a breakfast with a high carb. count on game day. Something like cereal or pancakes is usually good or if it is an early game then maybe a pasta dinner the night before. The extra carbs should give you energy when you need it.
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    I have an ankle injury, when i first got injured i thought it was a sprain so i rested up for a few weeks until the pain was gone and then resumed training. But whenever i take the slightest knock on the side of my ankle it is very painful and will ache for several days after. Im not in any discomfort when i run although the day after it does ache. I have been to see my GP and he has told me to rest up for 4-6 weeks and if it is still painful then he will send me off to get X-rays done. Still have 4 weeks to go till the 6 weeks is up.

    Thanks for the advice on the diet i will make sure i keep eating a blanced diet and have plenty of pasta and cereals before a game.
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