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Physical interpretation of Feynman path integral

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    so I herd that atpms are actuall blob like particles insted of hard crystal orb like things but are quarks the same way? are quarks like blobs too?
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    When atomic nuclei are probed with high energy electrons, the quarks seem like hard bodies ("partons") that bounce the electrons back elastically, but this is at least partly due to the relativistic relationship between the fast moving electrons and the slow moving quarks.

    When calculated from the Standard Model, quarks are standard quantum field theory "particles", that is, concentrations of field strength, strong in the midddle and tailing off outside.
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    Could you elaborate a little inorder to "visualize" (if possible) how this relativistic relationship produces elastic collisions.

    Hope this isn't too off topic.


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    did quarks or any kind of particle ever have a beginning to it?
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    I split off these last few posts from the main Feynmann path integrals discussion because they were OT for that subject.

    As to an explanation of partons, I think http://www.pparc.ac.uk/frontiers/pdf/6F2.pdf gives a good account at the popular level.
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    Can i say what is the relation between this subject and Feynmann path integrals?
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