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    May i know the physical meaning of the following:

    (1) Curl of a vector field A(x,y,z)
    (2) divergence of a vector field A(x,y,z)
    (3) directional deriative of G(x,y,z)
    (4) gradient of a scalar field G(x,y,z)
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    Tac-Tics gives possible interpretations of those in a particular application. There is NO general "physical meaning" of a mathematical concept- mathematics is not physics.
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    These concepts were originally developed because of physics, and even the purest mathematics student should develop the physical intuition of it, while simultaneously developing the topic rigorously.

    If you get a computer with a killer graphics card that can do floating point matrix computations really fast, then it would be stupid to write a program that uses the CPU instead. As humans, we have a killer "graphics card" and "physics card" built into our mind - it would be stupid not to use it.
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