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Physical prediction from the ecosystem genome

  1. Oct 8, 2004 #1
    Could one forecast the weather, analyze trends in geology, or presage changes in overall living systems by using the information presently available in the DNA of nature's genome? The data that has survived with worldwide genetic material may provide a revelation for all systems of the Earth, both physical and biological.

    Imagine a computer with 1024 bits that has been running for billions of years, and you can begin to fathom the predictive power of hereditary factors in the environment. Rather than sending out physical sensors to collect oceanic data, say, one needs only measure the incidence of nucleotides in sea life to grasp future changes in the hydrosphere.

    Such technology is readily accessible, if we decide to pursue it. Survival and adaptation designate the current output of the genome as "true," having casted away unfit DNA as "false" in relation to the vitally interactive environment.
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    But there are all kinds of effects exogenic to the mass genome of Earth's life. Coments, solar fluctuations, subduction, you get the picture. What you're looking at is the interaction of life with those exterior forces, like a PDE with boundary conditions. Can't do one without the other.
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