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Physical properties of electrolytes

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    Wikipedia states that highest available voltage of supercapacitors available for now is 5V.
    What kind of electrolytes are they using?Is it possible to invent electrolyte with much higher operative voltages?This one article mentions glass electrolyte stable up to 10V electrochemical window.http://www.latest-science-articles.com/Engineering_Science/Studies-on-Phosphate-type-All-Solid-State-Polymer-Electrolytes-for-Lithium-Ion-B-9816.html" [Broken]Could it work for supercaps?I know there exist solid state electrolyte Silver Rubidium Iodide but its operative voltage is only 0.5V-even lower than water electrolytes.Why electrolytes in general have such small breakdown voltages?How could we predict voltage from physical properties of electrolyte?
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