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Physical properties to the nanoparticles

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    What gives the different physical properties to the nanoparticles than the bulk ones? what is the limit?
    is it also possible to prepare pico-particles.

    I don't see too much difference.
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    What's a nanoparticle? What's a picoparticle?

    - Warren
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    Nanoparticles are just small clusters of some material, made up of a "small" number of atoms, and exhibiting sizes on the order of a few nanometers. The difference in properties between the nanoparticles and bulk systems arise from many different phenomena, such as quantum confinement.

    An example is silicon. Bulk silicon has extremely poor luminescence (especially in the visible region). However, Si nanoparticles can be created that exhibit photoluminescence across the entire visible spectrum.

    And I have never heard of "picoparticles".
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    A typical nanocrystal consists only of a few 100 (~ 2 nm diameter) to a few 10'000 (~10 nm) atoms. If the size is increased, you lose the quantum confinement effects, and they become simple colloids. Now you can also immediately see that you really can't get much below 1 nm: you'd end up with only a few atoms. At this point you reach the 'cluster'-domain and you lose all properties that belonged to the original material. It's just a molecule at this stage. Any smaller and you'll end up with single atoms, protons, quarks, ....
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    The Property of a nanoparticle is basically govern by three factors
    1. the surface to volume ration
    2. the change in band gap
    3. the comparable size of the particle with that of electronic wave function.

    it not posible to prepare a pico particle. Because beyoud nano it comes only the atoms. so it will deal with the atom not particles
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    the property of a nanoparticle is govern by generally three factors
    1. the surface to volume ration
    2. the change in band gap i.e the band gap of the particle is grater than that of the bulk.
    3. the comparable size of the particle to that of the electronic wave function.

    we cant prepare pico particle because beyond the nano range it is only the atomic level. in pico range it is deal with the atoms only not the particles.
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    Mohendra, please do not bring up threads that are years old (check the last posting date before you reply to a thread). All but one of those posters have not visited this site in over 2 years. If you wish to start a new discussion, you may create a new thread.
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