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Physical Science need help

  1. Nov 9, 2009 #1
    This is the question i have to answer... And i really need help with it!
    Please help me=)

    If equal masses of iron and water absorb the same amount of energy, then which one of them will have a smaller temperature change?

    Thank u! Daniel!
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    Since mass and heat transfer are equal, just look at the materials specific heat capacity.
    Specific heat capacity measures the amount of heat energy required to raise
    the material's temperature a given amount.

    Water has a specific heat capacity of 4.181

    Iron's is 0.450

    So it takes more heat energy to raise water's temperature the same amount.

    So an equal amount of energy will raise the water's temperature by less.

    You can also see this in the equation

    (heat energy) =m*c*(change in T)
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