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Physical significance conserved quantity? (Noether's with boosted Maxwell field Lag.)

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    I've calculated the conserved quantity for a boost or rotation of the Maxwell Lagrangian using the field form of Noether's theorem.

    If I calculated right, the components of a conserved four vector "current" considering boosts along in the x axis appear to be:

    C^\mu = \eta^{\mu\nu} (F_{\nu 0} A_1 - F_{\nu 1} A_0)

    Where the associated conservation statement is a zero divergence condition:

    \partial_\mu C^\mu = 0

    Similar to the Lorentz force Lagrangian where one ends up with a four-vector torque like result for boost/rotation transformation, this has the looks of a torque or field angular momentum or inertial tensor or something.

    Does this quantity have a name or any physical significance, or it is just the end result of math games with Noether's theorem?
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