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Physical therapy and bandages

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    I have a sprained ankle. On my first visit to the therapist, he stuck a bandage on my ankle, such that it went 270deg around.


    1. No mention of how I am supposed to shower. Do I take care to leave the bandage or do I let it peel off? I take a shower everyday, and there is no way the adhesive can remain intake.

    2. Why not go all around the ankle? Bandages that go all around a limb and adhere to themselves are actually difficult to remove.

    I am going to ask the therapist on my next visit. At this point, I feel like I'm going to embarrass him. For his sake, I hope I'm missing something.
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    Just call their office to ask about the shower question today. I'm sure a nurse or somebody there can give you the answer. I'm guessing the answer will be "don't get it wet", but you should call them to be sure.

    I doubt you will embarass the therapist. You may even learn something new... :smile:
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    As far as showering is concerned, you can purchase what is known as a 'cast cover'. These covers are available so that you can slip them on over an arm or a leg and take a shower without getting a cast or other bandage wet.


    These covers can usually be purchased locally from a medical supply house or well stocked pharmacy. The cover has a soft rubber top part thru which you insert your leg before showering. I use such a cover which fits up over my knee to protect the bandages I have on my leg.

    Bell-Horn is one such manufacturer but they have a horrible web site. Google "cast protectors" to get pictures and a better idea of what is available.
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