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    hi there,
    I am sorry to disturb you guys..my name is R.Kader Pitchai from India.recently i got offer for pg-dip in medical physics in university of canterbury (new zealand)..i am new to this medical physics field..already my qualifications are m.sc in physics.since i want to migrate to a fascinating field such as medical physics field.so i decided to apply for it in new Zealand and in uk..i got offer from both new zealand and uk(m.sc(medical electronics and physics) from queen mary and m.sc(medical physics) from university of surrey)but i think more of new Zealand.can i enter new zealand and get settled through this pg-dip in medical physics.whether this is a huge risk or i can jump in to it without underestimating it.but i am concerned with job future, country, salary and immediate placement in training after studies..help me in this crucial decision.. i am little bit confused between UK and New Zealand..because i am taking a huge risk by spending all my money for this..any way i want to settle in this field and uplift my family..so there should not be any risk in this decision..can i enroll as a medical registrar after pg-dip..recently i came to know that either i should be citizen or permanent resident of NZ TO enroll for training.for me whether it is possible to get PR after pg-dip..or without training can i get any job..i am sorry..i am asking too much of doubts because i don't know much about this field..please guide me..so that confidently i will jump in to pg-dip medical physics.please help me.
    expecting your valuable advice.
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