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Physicist to Present New Exact Solution of Einstein's Gravitational Field Equation

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    Does anybody know anything about this Dr. Febler or the Advanced Institute at Austin? I can't find a dime to spit on.

    I have not taken any physics courses yet, but I do know what is meant by 'exact' (as stated in the title) form my math courses.

    Can such a thing as 'exact solution' exist in physics? I am sure it was not Febler's choice for a title, though. I find the use of the term 'anit-gravity' a little bit....uhm, not scientific. Isn't 'anit-gravity' what crackpots and quaks use to highlight their work, not a physicists?

    Well, I will say bunko on this one. Even though nothing has been presented as of yet and with my capacity I should not be commenting on such things as this, but I have seen so many other congruent cases.
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    The Lorentzian, Schwarzchild, Einstein-Rosen (bridge), a "dust" universe and Robertson-Walker metrics are all examples of "exact" solutions to constraints upon general relativity. Even space void of matter and energy might qualify.

    My recollection is that Hal Putoff of the Advanced Insitute in Austin studies the controversial "zero-point" energy there, among other speculations.
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    From the abstract of the first one:

    Gravitational repulsion from the Schwartzschild metric?
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    He looks at an object with angular momentum round a gravitating body, and finds that there's a mysterious repulsive force if he changes the coordinate system. My guess is that he's rediscovered centrifugal force.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Wow if thats true, (havent read it) i'd love to see him present this.

    "As you can see this repulsive force must be antigravity"

    "Ok, Dr..........have you every spun a bucket of water over your head?"
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    More nonsense from the Hal Putoff Institute of nonsense.
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