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Physicist Vs. Mathematicians

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    I dont know exactly where this topic should be, so I'll put it here.

    The very thought is this, Mathematics is a logical structure yet developed by the Human mind. One can say it is a creation or one can say it is a discovery. I am one to say it is a discovery. But where do we discover Mathematics? Mathematics is from realization of a particular observation in the Universe. But to say this, Can Physicist discover New Mathematical Ideas and Concepts from the Studying of the Universe's functions, geometries, etc? Newton himself developed concepts of Calculus to describe such physical phenomenas of the Universe. Yet Newton's Calculus was not as defined as Leibneiz Calculus, but it was developed from the observation of Universal features. Are all Mathematical discoveries found from the observation, experimentation of phenomena's in the Universe? Or can mathematics be progressed by the imagination.

    Look at the development of Super String Theory, it is found the mathematics is getting increasingly complex. Does this tell us that Physicist are stumbling across Mathematical Problems that Mathematicians have not yet stumbled upon?

    Ofcourse we have to realize that Mathematicians and Physicist look at problems differently. Could we claim Einstein's General Theory of Relativity as a Geometrical Branch of Mathematics? What if Riemann was never born and Riemann Geometry was never developed. Einstein would have to have developed such geometry to bring forward his General theory of Relativity. So this would then show that Physicist have once again developed a new Mathematical Concept from the perspective of the Universe's Functions.

    Simply this, the Universe yet comprehensible and incomprehensible is really not there. The Universe is just Mathematics flowing around us. That when we truly know the Complete and true Functions of the Physics of the Universe through Mathematics, then the Mathematical Structure that the Mathematicians have been working on since the beginning will finally be complete.

    Are there any other Mathematical Concepts that were founded by Physicist who were simply trying to describe the Physics of the Universe through Mathematics?
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