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Physicists agree?

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    "Introduction to vector analysis" (Harry F. Davis, 1961) page 284 says:

    "Tensor analysis for physicists by J.A.Schouten 1951" is not intended so much for physicists as for applied mathematicians. This author knows of no book on tensor analysis written in a modern style for pure mathematicians."

    I am reading Davis's book at the moment (its vector part is very good), which only talks about tenosr in about two pages. Why did Davis criticize Schouten (a famous physicist? but I did not read his book) so seriously?

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    Schouten was a mathematician who was interested in physics... but I don't think he is considered a physicist.

    I know of Schouten (and have read his Tensor Analysis for Physicists and parts of his Ricci Calculus and some of his papers)... but not of Davis... although I'm sure I have seen the Davis book in passing.
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