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Physicists build world's smallest motor Berkeley News

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    Ivan Seeking

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    "It's the smallest synthetic motor that's ever been made," said Alex Zettl, professor of physics at UC Berkeley and faculty scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. "Nature is still a little bit ahead of us - there are biological motors that are equal or slightly smaller in size - but we are catching up."

    Animated image available for download

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    what will they think of next?!? the world's largest engine?
    http://www.jerry-howell.com/12-Cylinder.html [Broken]
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    wow that engine is really bad. (the big one)

    100,000 bhp may seem a lot, but thats only 50 bhp per ton!

    2000 tonns of GSX-R 750 turbo's would make 500,000 bhp. (at 200 bhp per ton) plus would sound cooler.

    i think my calculations are correct. feel free to say other wise.
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