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Physicists on board

  1. Feb 5, 2004 #1
    Who in here are physicists?

    To those who are:Do you have a doctor degree? Do you work in a science institution or as tutors somewhere?
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    That would be me. Just a BA. Disabled for the moment. Hope to get into medical physics soon.
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    I work as a researcher at a lab. I was in grad school. I was about 3/4 through when it got to be a bit too much. I already had a job doing research, and the combined work/school load was nasty. I always think about going back, but time is hard to come by nowadays. While it hasn't held me back, I don't recommend it. I got in during a boom when my skills were needed. My experience kept me working. But nowadays, I don't think I would be as lucky.

  5. Feb 5, 2004 #4
    I am working on my Ph.D. right now in nuclear and particle physics.
    It is hard... and it makes my head hurt a lot... especially my good friend Mr. J.D. Jackson

    I also got my B.S. in physics.
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    Another BS in Phyiscs here. I do not work directly in Physics. But then haveing the basic knowledge effects how I approach the problems of my job.
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    In Grad school, researching CMP.

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    i am doin my first year of a bachelor of science in physics hoping to do a full pHD. im goin for the whole nine
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    Here a Physicist also (Ph.D.). Presently doing research at a university.
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    Ph.D. here, professor at a private college in the US.
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    OK, since we're doing a head count, physicist (Ph.D) here too. I'm working at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, IL.

    My academic training and postdoctoral work were in experimental Condensed Matter Physics, but I am currently working in the field of accelerator physics, specifically on photocathode development for electron accelerators.

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    So many exciting jobs!!

    What means BS and BA?

    Ph.D is a doctor degree right? What sort of Ph.D do you guys have?

    What Condensed Matter Physics all about?

    To ZapperZ: Could you tell me a bit more about the photocathode for the electron accelerator? Its purpose etc..
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    Currently working on a BSc (Bachelor of Science) in both mathematics and physics. I'll hopefully get it by the end of the year.

    Going for a MSc (Master of Science) in physics are applied mathematics next year.
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    A Bs is a Bachelor of Science degree and a BA is a Bachelor of Art degree. The difference is usually just a few more lab classes for the BS major.
  15. Feb 6, 2004 #14
    Sometimes there is no distinction and the BA/BS is a reflection on the school itself.
  16. Feb 6, 2004 #15
    Ph.D. in General Relativity and Cosmology.
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    I wasn't aware universities offered such degrees. Could you indulge us and tell us where you got them?

    - Warren
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    Thalliu - Please check your "PM" - I sent you a personal message.

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    Sigh... Picky picky. Ph.D. in physics; field of expertise GR et al. That better? I assumed that since we're on a physics forum, and also that GR is theoretical physics, then the association between academic department and specialization would be implied.

    As the Chronicle of Higher Education would say, my degree is from Major Research U, and I work at Prestegious Liberal Arts College. That's as specific as I'm going to get.
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    i would be interested to kno wat Chroot has in terms of physics degrees? plse enlighten
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    I'm working on my Ph.D.
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