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Physics 1 mechanics help

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    A baseball is accelerated from rest at the rate a = 251 m/s/s along a rising ramp of lenth l=3m. The ramp makes an angle of theta =.5 rad with the horizontal. Neglect friction.

    a)what is the launch velocity v knot of the ball? express v knot in a component form using a coordinate system of your choice. Sketch the ramp and show v knot and your coordinate system.

    b) how far down the range x from the launch point does teh ball land?

    c) suppose a wlal of heigh h stands at a distance d=x-31 m down range from the launch point. If the ball sails over the wall, waht is the maximum wall height?
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    Need to show your work, and also post in the correct forum
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    Im not sure where to start or where to post this
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    How would you approach this problem? You are given acceleration in m/s^2 and length over which you accelerating, so you can find the speed at the end of the ramp now. Next you are given angles that gives you the distance that the ball will travel and stay airborne for. Just think about this problem, use appropriate formulas, and post if you get stuck

    speed2 = 2*acceleration*distance
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