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  1. Oct 9, 2009 #1
    my current school, only offers algebra based physics (does not have physics department even) and from my understanding, the intro to physics course for physics/engineering majors is a calc based class. So i need to transfer in the fall, my question is: In the mean time(this spring) should i take algebra based physics or just not even bother with physics until my sophomore year at a new school? Would waiting to start physics I and II delay my graduation by a year?

    thanks for any guidance

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    Are you in your first or second year of university? If you intend to take the calculus based physics courses you probably don't need to take algebra based. Unless of course you require a slightly more elementary introduction. If you are in your first year it shouldn't prolong your graduation so long as you are not behind in your mathematics. Its not uncommon for students to take their physics courses during their sophomore year. This could also be slightly different depending on whether you intend to pursue physics or engineering. As a physics major you need to finish all the prerequisites (more than 3 intro classes) to start upper level physics courses usually in your junior year.
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