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Physics 12 impulse question

  1. Jun 29, 2013 #1
    A 5.0 kg object is accelerated from rest to 6.0 m/s while moving 2.0 m across a level
    surface. If the force of friction is 4.0 N, calculate the power output

    I used d=vt to find the time which was .33sec then i put that into P=Fd/t and had (49-4)(2)/.35 and got 270 Watts
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    Simon Bridge

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    Cool - was there a question in all that?
    Is there some role the v-t graph could play?
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    d = vt is applicable only for constant velocities. The object is accelerating in this case. You must use a kinematics equation to find the time - you know the initial and final velocities, and the distance traveled.
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