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Homework Help: Physics 12 work question

  1. Jun 28, 2013 #1
    :How much work did a horse do that pulled a 200 kg wagon 80 km along a level road if
    the effective coefficient of friction was 0.060?

    I used W=Fd to find the work (W=1960*80000=156800000) then I got the force of friction by ff=(coeff)Fn and got (.06)*1960=117.6. I then got the W(friction)=117.6(80000)=-9408000 and by subtracting the 2 Work answers I got 14739200J
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    Simon Bridge

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    Great - did you have a question?
    Note: you have an implicit assumption in the calculation that you should make explicit of this is a long-answer.
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    Sorry, stupid question but how did you know the Force was 1960 N for the 200kg?
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