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Homework Help: Physics 2 electric fields

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    An electron is released from rest in a weak electric field given by vector E = -2.40 10-10 N/C jhatbold. After the electron has traveled a vertical distance of 1.8 µm, what is its speed? (Do not neglect the gravitational force on the electron.)

    Dont even know where to begin.
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    Steps to consider:
    whats the force on the electron due to the E field?
    what about due to gravity?
    Whats the net force?
    How can you use that information?
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    do you know of any good online physics resources for electro fields? I am having some trouble understanding everything the professor is teaching, and i know this stuff should be much easier than i am making it!
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    I would find the acceleration of the electron. Then look at your kinematic equations
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