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Physics according to homeopathy

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    This is a very serious doctor presenting her very serious view of physics, highlgihting the theory of relativity, and how it correlates to homeopathy.

    The implications made by her claims are truly astounding.

    She also mentions a supposed "Stephen Hawkings" who "gave us the string theory". I have no idea who she is referring to, however.

    (I considered this far too crackpot to go in the debunking forum, it's more pure entertainment than anything else)
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    OMG. I couldn't listen to more than a couple of minutes. The electrons in my brain were beginning to teleport to lala land. :yuck:
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    But think about it! If we cross out the m, everything becomes so much easier! Force is equal to area! Density is equal to volume!
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    Yeah, and stupidity equals intelligence. What would have been funny is if there had been an actual physicist in the audience. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel with a rocket launcher.
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    Or anyone who took half a semester of physics in high school.

    The funniest thing about it all is that she interprets the equation, even after slaughtering it, BACKWARDS. The idea is that light equals a very very very very very small amount of mass, not that there's much more light than mass in terms of energy.
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    That was funny, until I realized that I was bleeding from my ears. What. A. Moron!
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    The worst part about it is that she's probably aware of how dumb it is and just uses it to make more money out of people with her water potion pills.
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    No doubt; these are the same people who will look you in the eye and tell you that even when you dilute something to the point where there is NONE of the original left, the water still has a "memory" of it, and that is therapeutic. This is just another breed of jackal.
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