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Physics and Algrebra

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    How much overlap is there in physics and abstract algebra? Would it be worth my time as a physicist to take a course in algebra?
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    I took a semester of Abstract Algebra as an undergrad and absolutely HATED it. From what I saw, none of it had any application to Physics whatsoever. It seems like a purely fluff subject.

    Linear Algebra, on the other hand, was of immense value in my education as a physicist. Along with complex variables, it was probably the most important upper-level math class I took.
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    Thanks. I'm taking linear algebra right now and loving it. If I want more linear algebra but I'd have to take the first abstract class before that.
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    It's defintely worth your time as group theory is very important in physics and besides which a more fundamental understanding of the mathetmatical structures you are using is always good.
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