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Physics and computer science

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    I'm an undergraduate majoring in physics and computer science. I plan to go to graduate school, assuming I can get accepted...somewhere. But, lets say, right after graduation, what are some immediate careerss one could have? I already have an idea of some of the various careers of course, but I'd still like to hear other opinions.
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    None of us know what ideas you have in mind for future careers.

    Teaching is one. Depending on how far you go in your field of study will determine what level you will most likely be teaching at.
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    Look I'm basically just asking WHAT CAREERS ARE THERE? Apart from teaching. This doesn't mean that I have no idea what careers exist. I should have stated that properly the first time.
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    mmm well, lab rat(RA), with cs you can get mostly anything to do with programming depending on what connections you have and how good you are...
    as for physics...RA prolly your best bet as an UG. and phys/cs---game physics.
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    I'm assuming when you say "right after graduation", that you meant right after graduation with your B.Sc degree, because I hope you're not planning on doing a Ph.D double-major in physics and CS (if you are, then you deserve it).

    I posted this already, but as happened many times, it gets "swallowed" over time (I should put this in my Journal along with the other job links). You may want to look at this most recent statistics of people with B.Sc in physics:


    Also somewhere in here are links to the various sites having job openings for physicists. Nothing tells you a better overview of what kinds of jobs available out there than looking at the want-ads.

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    P.S. I forgot to add that computational physics is a very popular major, especially at the graduate level.
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