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Physics and maths

  1. Oct 11, 2015 #1
    Hello everyone! First of all I'm sorry for my English, I'm still learning the language. Second, I'm sorry if that's the wrong category to put that topic but I didn't know where I should write it... now, I'm a 16 years old girl, going in the secong grade of high school (the next year I'll sit my final exams in order to enter in a university) and I have a dream... my dream is to become a doctor. I'm not that good but I have decided to work hard those 2 years. In my final exams I'll sit exams in 4 subjects to open the medical universities... Those are: Composition, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. I can study Biology, try to master at Chemistry (at a point of course) and I'll write a lot to master in Composition (or Essay I think)... My problem in physics is not as much as understanding the problems but solving the maths... so, I would live and appreciate and be thanful if someone of you would tell me the maths that I need for solving the problems that I have (I can tell you the chapters that the next year's book has in order to help me there -if you want of course.) If I succeed (impossible but... ) it'll be my only succees. All my life I was-and I am a failure. :frown: With no friends, crying at night... but I have that dream that I cannot get out of my mind. Yeah maybe I'm stupid and with no mind (as my math teacher says:cry:) but it would be amazing if someone of you could help me and give me a little hope...
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    It is my impression that a lot of the mathematics required to solve science problems in high school can be learnt without having too much affinity for mathematics itself, provided one is willing to make a serious effort. (At least such seems to be the case where I'm from.)

    So if your dream is to become a doctor, hold on to it firmly, work hard, solve a lot of exercises (don't just rehearse theory). When you are stuck or don't understand something, you should always ask questions, to your teachers, fellow students or, for example, in the "Homework and Coursework Questions" section of this forum. Choose the appropriate subsection, read the "Guidelines for students and helpers" thread and post accordingly. You are likely to get a useful response then, people here are generally helpful.
    You are only a failure if you don't try.
    Well, this remark certainly does not place him amidst the great minds of our time either. Mathematics and physics by themselves are not the gold standard for testing intelligence or giftedness in general.

    Welcome here and good luck!
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