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Physics and music

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    Hey there...long time listner first time caller here......
    i am a dj and a friend of mine, also a dj, asked if there was a formula to trasnsfer time into BPM.
    For instance, a measure of a song is 8 seconds = ? BPM. or vice versa. A song is 95 BPM = ? seconds per measure.
    Does anyone have a conversion formula.
    it seemed a little cloudy what he meant so i will try to clear that up but in the meantime if anyone gets what i mean then any help would be great.

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    In order to know how many beats per minute (that is what you're asking, right?), you need to look at how many beats are in each measure, as well as how many seconds long the measure is. If the measure is 8 seconds long, and there are 4 beats per measure (which there usually are in most modern western music), then there are 2 beats per second, therefore 120 BPM. However, if you have the written score, the number of beats per second will be on there, and you can just multiply by 60.
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