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Physics and phylosophy?

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    physics and phylosophy?????

    I have been having a discusion with someone on the physics forum, admittedly I think I might have annoyed him.

    I am a physics student, and was wondering, is physics one of the ways of answering phylosophical questions, because this person couldn't quite grasp the fact that I posted an opinion which was a bit unconvensional and a little phylosophical on the forum not a start to a debate.

    I think he was a moderator too and told me to come on here oooops.


    hhh79bigo :confused:
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    Correction. It was BECAUSE I grasped the fact that it WAS an off-beat opinion that I said it did NOT belong in the physics section. It had zero physics content. Do not jumble up the point of my objection here.

    We used to have a "Theory Development" section where we dump "opinions" like that. It has been removed and we now insist that you either stick to our guidelines or the posting will be deleted. The physics section isn't meant for baseless opinions. Never was!

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    In your earlier comment, you presented the search to "know God and his designs" as a somehow equivalent statement to that of exploring the physical universe as it presents itself to the researching physicist.
    Do you understand why this conflation of ideas has no place within a sub-forum dedicated to PHYSICS?
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    I can see where you guys are coming from, however I dont see a conflict, I personally believe in both science and god both can explain things that the other can't. I know this doesn't have a physics base topic, and should belong on a theoligistical forum, my father is a PhD in physics and still believes in god, why do the 2 contradict. This is the last time i shall mention religion. o:)

    Sorry if this opinion doesnt fit with convntional physics. I often wonder how far I can go with the big bang to see the source of how it was created.

    Going onto another topic though any thoughts I would appreciate this is my personal curiosity coming into play and has no accademic relivance.

    best regards

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    We have a blanket rule here about not discussing topics involving religion because people can't discuss it without the threads quickly degenerating into attacks and insults, as had been demonstrated repeatedly when religious topics were still permitted. That's the biggest reason you can't discuss it here. There are plenty of other places on the internet where religious discussion is permitted; this isn't one of them.
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    I am an engineer and a Christian and I also don't feel a conflict - they are separate components of who I am. But I wouldn't discuss engineering in a religion forum and it is equally inappropriate to discuss religion in a science forum. I believe God created the laws that set up the universe, then kicked it into motion with the big bang. But that belief has nothing to do with the big bang theory itself, so it would be inappropriate to discuss in a physics forum.
    Since the Big Bang Theory doesn't and can't answer the question "why?", and there is a limit to how far "how?" questions can go, asking the question is not appropriate for a physics discussion.

    There may be room for a "When Science and Religion Cross Paths" forum where the religious implications of things like "what came before the big bang?" or "how does the Genesis Creation Story jive with the Big Bang Theory" can be discussed, but we choose not to have such a forum because they tend to lack civility.
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    Fair enough, and I agree

    no more religeous stuff.........Sorry I am a new member and shud go over the rules again. Sorry....


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    Quick question: What is "phylosophy"? Is that just a typo or is that another word?
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    It's just a typo. This was moved from the philosophy forums.
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