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Physics and the Sub-categories

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    I have accomplished only a little Physics; so I'm out of my depth but I would like to work on educating myself with a single sub-category. Anybody have list or ideas for what I should follow.
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    Welcome to PF! Why a single sub category? Just pick up a used intro physics text and work through it.
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    Well; Physics encompasses such a vast array of the known and unknown universe that we live in so I'd like to get the basics obviously trained to College Level accredited with a Grade A.

    However, I'm going to be rusty ask me to tell you and a pyramid that you use for instance to ascertain Power Watts, Amperes Resistance and Ohms and I'd have to be honest and say that once I've been reminded I'd catch on quickly, but however furthering Physics seems such a Task.

    I would like to say that philosophically speaking do you believe in a deity or higher power that designed the universe as it came from nothing proven and all these experiments i.e. Higgs Boson particles are a contrast on the Diffusion of molecules in an opposite way; proving that we can through Math and Physics literally look God or Deity in the face and say; I understand. Or is that just rash excitement in finding more out.

    I would also warn you that Physics was my weakest science Biology being the best and Chemistry secondary with Physics 3rd but still achieving an A grade or Level 9;
    goes up to an A* Level 10.

    I am able to understand Latin and Ancient not Koine Greek which helps a lot when researching.

    I would be happy to hear from you in what you as an authority in the field will guide me into learning more on the subject.

    Thank you for your quick response it was very warming and I'm keen to learn.

    Bilbo Baggins
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    As far as your demand for answers is concerned, please start a thread on its own. This one is for introducing yourself to the community, which you additionally did. But as an advice, we won't discuss neither philosophy nor religion, so it might be difficult to remain on the side of provable sciences.
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    That's understood thank you for advising me on that topic, I suppose Physics is an alternate to Philosophy; I apologize if I offended or made you uncomfortable. Please send the link to the drums Rules & Regulations. I'll browse the categories would you have any topics that you think that would be an academic area to specialist in or would it be best for me to look up and make my own mind up.
    Much appreciated,
    What's your name?
    Mines Phillip Wilson. AKA BilboBaggins
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    Welcome to the PF.

    One of the advantages of an online forum like the PF is that users can have a level of anonymity and privacy. They can choose to share their name or not. You can see the information that users are willing to share by clicking on their username and looking through their Profile page.

    Please be sure to read through the rules under INFO at the top of the page. Enjoy the PF; this introduction thread is now closed.
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