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Physics and .

  1. Apr 28, 2008 #1
    physics and.....

    So i just got accepted into the U.of Virginia as a transfer. Ive decided to major in physics because it is so much fun. But I am also very interested in engineering and chemistry. Ive also already taken intro courses in chemistry, biology,and fluid mechanics as well as freshman physics requirements and math up to and through the first semester of DE. By doing this ive been at community college for three years. So im curious as too whether id benefit by staying in school longer than the expected 2 more and taking many more fun classes in several different fields. What have you physics gurus done during your undergraduate experiences?
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    Well, I'm not guru :rofl:...but my experience might be helpful.

    I was a chemistry-physics double major. I ended up with my BS in physcis but was a few credits short of my chem degree.

    In the job market, my physics degree has the 'wow' factor to get interviews, but my chemistry knowledge is more marketable.

    So in my experience, staying a little longer in school taking chem classes was worth it.
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    what kind of jobs are you applying for?
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    I already have a job. I test building products (physics-oriented), and deal with issues surrounding wood adhesives (chemistry-oriented).

    Other jobs I've had include working in a resin lab, and in a paper physics lab.
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    cool. have you delt with PF construction adhesive? I use it at work a lot and it is amazingly strong! What a sweet sounding job. Sounds like i should get involved with chem. It will surely be a heavy load though.
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