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Physics as a second degree!

  1. Mar 20, 2014 #1
    I have a degree in accounting with a low GPA of 2.5, but now i am getting a Physics degree and have 2 semesters left and my GPA in my physics classes is 4.0. I have gotten all A's.
    However, after talking to my my adviser and we figured out that even if I keep getting straight A's my GPA wont even reach a 3.0. I got two F's first time around.
    So, my question is how likely is it that I would get accepted in a good ph.d program with an extremly low over all GPA but a good Physics and math GPA.
    I love physics, the only reason i feel like i got bad grades in my first degree around is because i had no choice but to take accounting first time around for multitude of reasons but now I've realized I want to do physics.
    Anyway, any help or guidance or view points would be helpful.

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    Is retaking the courses you failed an option?
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