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Physics as fate?

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    Hello. I am working on a paper regarding the concept of a lack of free-will, and I am taking the stance that physics could determine fate.

    I am proposing that all actions (such as brain functions that cause our thoughts and feelings) could be pre-determined through the use of applied physics if all variables in the universe that could alter or change any results are taken into effect.

    Basically, every brain functions of every life-form, every gravitational interaction, every death of a star, anything that could happen throughout the entire universe could be used as a variable to determine the future.

    I was looking for PF input on this concept for extra ideas for the paper.

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    Hi MJ,
    You might find looking into Benjamin Libet's research helpful. This article gives a brief description of the study he's most famous for:


    We also once had a thread about this that you might enjoy reading:
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    I foudn that ^^ interesting but i'm just wondering WHY it must be that we have no free-will just because we don't conciously know... couldn't and shouldn't freewill be PRIOR to conciousness?
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    If you're on a Windows machine, browse to:


    Well, I think the mechanism separating conscious thought (user mode code) & brain functions (machine code) would be analogous to that.
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