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Homework Help: Physics assignment

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    hai..i am just a univercity student..i am 1st year only...
    have something to ask..hope you all can help..
    i have to find any system that use BJT(bipolar junction transistor) in its circuit.draw the circuit diagram and explain details how the BJT operates in the circuit...
    may i ask how to get the infomation?
    becouse i really dont know how to search it..like still got any example which contain BJT system?besides amplifier..

    thanks a lot to you all..
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    You can try searching google or looking through som electrical engineering text books which I'm sur will have some examples of systems with such a transistor in them.
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    thanks a lot..
    electrical engineering text book???
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    Yes. You are a 1st year engineering student at a university, right? You have a technical/engineering library, correct? Walk up to the front desk and ask them where the EE textbooks are, and they will show you.

    And/or, you can use wikipedia.org, which is a good resource for all kinds of technical questions. Just go to their main page and type transistor in the search box. That will take you to this page:

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