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Physics & astrophysics books

  1. Jul 2, 2005 #1
    I have some money which I have to spend on physics & astrophysics books. I want your openion on this matter.

    I am looking for books which are not too specific.
    For example I like A&A library of Springer but I do not want to buy books like "Supernovae" or "Gravitational lensing". From this series I already have "The Early universe", "Astrophysical concepts", and "Astrophysics".
    I want to buy "Dover's" books but most of them are very old. I thought about "Graviation (Misner, Throne, Wheeler)", but not sure either I will be able to read this thick book in my life, particulerly when I have very light and easy books like Weinberg's GTR & Cosmology book.

    One starnge thing is that most of the classic books were written in early 70s, like Hawking & Elis "Large scale of structure of space time", Zeldovich & Novikov's "Relativistic Astrophysics", and "Gravitatioan" and they never came up with their any new edition.

    Peeble's both books "Large scale structure of the universe" and "Physical cosmology" I already have.

    Anyway, If you know about some latest and very good physics, astrophysics and cosmology books suitable for a gradutae student or researcher let me know.
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    I recently studied some chapters of Dodelson's Modern Cosmology (graduate level, 2003) and I think it is pretty good.
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    i learn a lot about particle physics from Brian Greene books: Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos, not to specific for beginer
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    This book i have. This is really a very good book.
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    I think this book is for school going kids.
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